The world of Bat Pat

A curious and talkative bat, an adventure-loving girl e her two bigger brothers - one lazy and the other scaredy-cat - wander around Fogville, a little town that seems quiet… but is not quiet at all! The old buildings and narrow streets are filled up with vampires, ghosts and other scary creatures, and the distant shrieks you hear in the dead of night from the Whispering Woods are definitely not a promising sign.

If you happen to be around Fogville, you'd better keep walking as fast as you can, unless you are looking for a creepy adventure! In this case, go straight to 13 Friday Street and look for the Silver Kids and their friend Bat Pat: with Rebecca, Martin, Leo and their bat friend, a good adventure mixed with a dash of laughter is always guaranteed!

Follow them to the Capistrano Fog Memorial library, where old books and dusty archives will guide you to discover the scariest legends of the whole history of Fogville, and don't lose sight of them as they wander around the town's streets: in Fogville, mystery is always around the corner, and the scariest creatures can jump out at any moment! Adventure after adventure, you will find that things are not always as they appear to be: perhaps even the scariest-looking monster is frightened a lot more than you all. Big Foot would just love to learn how to dance (if only someone found a pair of dancing shoes that would fit him!), and the witch that flies over Fogville's sky has no intention to scare anybody off... she's simply unable to ride her new broom! Bat Pat and the Silver kids are the only ones who can help them, so embark on this journey and join their company: great fun is guaranteed!